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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Subject:10 Random Things to Pamper Myself
Time:10:59 pm.
So in becoming more feminine, here's my random thoughts on things that I do to make myself feel prettier.

1) Lotion after showering
2) Pick out my outfit the night before
3) Match it with some sexy earrings and a necklace
4) Monday nights is our dedicated girly night where we do clay facials and paint nails
5) Drink tea with honey
6) Match outfit with cute shoes, especially flats
7) Wear bright colors
8) Try to do different things with my hair
9) Makeup: Coverup, eye liner, mascara, and most importantly a colorful eye shadow
10) Fuzzy warm scarves :]
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Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Time:1:49 am.
So we met up with Dr. Hines and went to this pub for lunch- I had a Greek salad which consisted of different types of lettuce, olives, red bell peppers (<3!!), feta cheese, and red onion with a delicious dressing. Definitely one of the best salads I've ever had. There were a crapload of tv's including the Yankee/Toronto game (11-2 Yanks w00t), the World Cup Spain/Paraguay?, and some golf blarg lol. But Dr. Hines was fantastic. She works with manatees and dugongs, and is originally from Canada. So then we went to registration.

So registration was funnish- we got a school bag, a program for the meeting (which is 200 pages long haha), a bunch of pamphlets, a t-shirt, a pin, and some kool info. Then the three of us found a quiet corner and read through the program to see which talks we wanted to go to. Then we toured the building and walked around to see which rooms we'd be traveling to. After that we had an hour and a half to kill, so we found a couch and chair and napped until the reception. We were informed that there would be food (dinner) at the reception, but we soon discovered that there would be finger foods after the reception at 830 (started at 7). That was a lie lol. The reception lasted until almost 9, and there was no food. Actually no, it went past 9, but we left after the kool native America performed with his hoola hoops and musical talent (which included Cree rap and a beautifl song about how you never really say goodbye). We also met up with one of Cig's friends named Leslie- she's a crazy opinionated woman and I like her, she's funny and sarcastic.

After the reception, we were all starving, because they said they'd feed us 2 1/2 hours before hand, but never did lol. Leslie chose this steakhouse called Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was probably the most expensive restaurant I've ever been in. As soon as I walked in I was like damn. It was huge, and dimly lit and had chandeliers (spelled wrong), and fancy shmancy booths. If not to further prove my point, the steaks ranged in price from $40-96. I chose one that was 44 I think. Christine and Cig chose the same one lol. All of us like our steaks rare-med/rare, but Christine likes hers medium well, and Leslie cracked on her bad about it. Along with her allergy to garlic and omg the topic of that law in Arizona was brought up by the two profs, and how the US should sever Texas and Arizona from the US and just give it back to Mexico, and Christine was like "well I agree with the new law that Arizona passed"...... when clearly the two profs were adamantly against it. I don't agree with it either. But Leslie sat there and lectured Christine about how her opinion was wrong, and how the new law is pretty much tyranny. She was like for lack of a better phrase, what Arizona passed is pretty much Nazi Germany. And it's true. You shouldn't be able to just stereotype someone because of their skin and stop them and demand for their United States papers and if they can't provide them immediately then you go to jail. Like, who carries their license on them when they go jogging? Or walk their dog? Leslie definitely proved some good points about it.

Anyway, we just got back to the hotel a bit ago, I showered and here I am. Now I have to go and figure out which meetings we're gonna go to tomorrow. Peace out <3
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Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Time:1:17 pm.

So I went to bed at like 10:45, and got up at 720 actually not tired at all. I slept mostly well, except I had a bad dream about not having enough water, and we were running out (which I got from the Man Vs Wild show we watched just prior) haha. And around midnight, Christine yelled in her sleep O.o haha it was funny, I told her this morning and she was like whaaa?

We met up at breakfast in the lobby at 8am, and I had an english muffin with butter/jelly, a little bowl of fruit loops (shut up dan haha, and a banana to go. Then we walked all around downtown Edmonton and took a bunch of pics. There's a lot of architecture here. We found the Edmonton's Farmer's Market (which is very different from the one in Allentown). They sell a lot of jelly, at about $6 per jar MOM haha she should sell hers. We sampled a lot of foods like blackberry jelly, and orange marmalade on bread, bread with homeade olive oil, peanuts with spice, and different kinds of olives with different things in them. Like garlic chunks, and one had jalepenos (so good). I bought a mixed package of them for like $4. Cig bout the garlic/chili toffee, it was good. He also bought a piece of date square, and let Christine and me try some; it was yummy. Now we're chillin in our room until 11:45 when we're gonna meet up with Dr. Hanes (a colleague of Cig's) for lunch. Then registration is at 2pm, and the banquet is at 7pm (so I'm gonna still try to be online at 9, as long as we're back).

Alright, that's all for now lol :]

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Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Subject:My first Mongolian experience!
Time:11:12 pm.
Dinner was delicious! We went to a Mongolian restaurant, annnd since I don't feel like rewriting everything, this is what I had:

So, we walked down the street, and went to this mongolian restaurant. Then we sat down and had a soup,and then cig ordered pot stickers. And then, we went to this line of fresh vegetables and meat, for them to make your stirfry. I picked crab, shrimp, portabella mushrooms, celery, scallions, red cabbage, broccoli, and zucchini, and then a shit ton of garlic and an oil/red pepper sauce, it was soooo good :]

Christine and I were sitting on our beds, and I looked out the balcony window and saw bubbles! And then we ran to the window, and walked out of the balcony, and there was this couple out there and it was awkward and hilarious hahaha, we were just like bubbles! Oh! Hello :D hahaha

Now watching Batman Returns, gotta get up at 730 D: haha update later love :]
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Subject:First day in Canada
Time:8:55 pm.
So we got up mad early (530) and 15 hours later, I'm sitting in a Holiday Inn in Edmonton Canada. The first flight that left Allentown and went to Toronto, Canada was a tiny rinkidink plain that had 10 seats lol. It shaked back and forth and Christine and I thought we were going to die literally lol. Cig was all laid back like it was a normal occurrance. Then we had a brief layover in Toronto and boarded a hugeeee plain that flew from Toronto to Edmonton. There were free movies, and I watched Valentine's Day (which I teared up at the end with the Julia Roberts part), and then I caved in and watched Alice and Wonderland (Christine and Cig both said it was really good). Seeing the previews scared the shit out of me, but I decided to just face my fear and watch it :D it was actually a good movie.

So now I gotta go downstairs to meet Cig to go to dinner, I'll be back asap love :]
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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Subject:16 More Days
Time:10:22 pm.
So the semester's over, and I'm officially a college senior <3 Back at home, and although I missed it, the same shit always happens. Thus is life lol. This was the best semester I've ever had. 11 A's (nothing less :D ), and GPA of 3.9, which also means Dean's List again! W00t.

So I don't remember when the last time I posted was, but I've got an exciting summer coming up. Dan flies up on June 3rd for a month and a half. July 2-8 I'm going to Edmonton, Canada to present a poster with Christine on our research. And then July 27-August 3 (I think), I have the privilege of going to Belize to collect samples for my research. I'm very excited :] I absolutely love traveling, and I can never get enough of it.

We went to Dickson City yesterday, which meant going to Old Country Buffet for dinner. Funny situation: so there were these three girls sitting at the booth behind dad and me, and dad said how mom had a fatter belly then him, and I was like "hey she birthed two kids" and then he was like "well i had two kidney stones which is like having two kids", and he said it took him 6 days to pass them and that his Dr. said that's like him being in labor for 6 days. And so dad was all like "Yeah! I was in labor for 6 days!" And the girls behind us were like wtf...? LMAO good times...

So that's all for now, back to Pirates 2 :D
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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Subject:Spring Break is almost over... D:
Time:11:31 pm.

So the days left here are now dwindling.. and it makes me sad, especially since I don't know when I'm gonna see my baby next. And in brighter news, Nala likes me now! I'm so excited :] She even licked my face today. We just watched Ice Age 3, or rather I did while Dan fell asleep :D

So yesterday (Tuesday) we went to Sea World. We got up at like 545am, well Dan got up then, he had to drag me out of bed literally haha. We left here at like 715, and got there right when it opened at 9. Itl was an extremely fun day. We saw Believe, the killer whale show, and the Sea Lion and otter show. We saw exhibits with penguins, sharks, and they had the sting ray tank where you could pet the rays. I loved it, i stood there for like 10 minutes touching their slimy bodies, it was soooo kool. We ate lunch and fed bread to our sparrow friend. Then the other fatass birds came and stole it D< my favorite part over all though was the orca show; those animals entrance me :] they had a moment dedicated to Dawn, the trainer that was killed there a couple of weeks ago. And to think, that's the job I dream of doing. Lol thus is life :]

Today I got to sleep in, while Dan had to get up early and take two tests :D hahaha. He came back and I was already showered and ate, etc. We went to Walmart to get Honey Bunches of Oats, milk, and beef jerkey :D Then went to the beach to supposedly meet up with Billy, but he never showed? So Dan and I had fun there anyways by ourselves soakin' up some sun. Then we came back, and Shelley made us dinner and it was really yummy :]

Alright journal, seeing as I have to get up before the ass crack of dawn, I'm gonna go now haha
Peace or pieces <3
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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Subject:7 more days now
Time:9:42 pm.
Hello journal,

So we're almost at 6 days. It's gettin' close, and I still have to start packing lol.. again. Dan and I got into a decently large fight yesterday that ended up me ignoring him for almost a whole day. I don't really feel like elaborating on it. About some chick. And the fact that he doesn't talk to me. Yeah lol.

I have a BCB test Friday, and a shitload of Spanish homework to do tonight.

Nothing really eventful happened today. We learned in BCB that bad things happen to small populations. And rarity is the first step towards extinction. Physics was boring as shit, and Landis was in a bad mood today, so I wrote on my quiz that he should smile :] Env. Chem was kool, I asked Dr. Sein if he was having the next exam before or after Spring Break, and he said probably right after. I had to remind him not to make it the Wed or Fri before break, as I wasn't going to be here lol. I didn't have freshmen lab today, so I came back here and studied and fought with Dan until 4, when Manda and I went to the grocery store to buy hot pockets and chicken lol (marinated in Italian dressing).

Came back here, argued with Dan some more.. went to the library with Laura to watch the Spanish movie Bread and Roses.. blah lol. Needless to say that Dan and I are alright now. Still some unresolved things I think, but otherwise yeah.

And that's it for today. I have to work 10 til midnight and then get up at 640 for physics lab :D shoot me please.
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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Subject:8 more days!
Time:11:44 pm.
Oh man, almost down to a week! I need to start packin!

Things have been decently okay the last few days. The anxiety is on and off I find. I have a test on Friday tho, so towards the end of the week I'll prolly get more stressed :P I'm starting to study tomorrow tho. Get on that shit. Maira and I watched Paranormal Activity just now. It was a little scary (mostly because everything scares me). We laughed at it too. The very end scared me tho, I screamed quite loudly haha. I scared the shit out of Maira who sat next to me too :D

We had the second RAD class. Rape Aggression Defense. Did you know that 79% of rape cases are by someone you know? So I'm taking a self defense course to beat up men if they try to rape me :D

Alright journal, that's all for now. Nite :]
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Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Subject:Livin' life
Time:3:02 am.
Hello journal,

I am a happy sloth : ] Why you ask? I'm in love. Don't talk smack cause I'm korny, idc :D it is what it is.

I'm sooo effing excited to go back to A-townnnn, you don't even know. I miss my chicas and mi esposa :[ but only ten days left so ish otay :] I'm even excited to start classes, with the exception of physics I. I'm going to be raped like there's no tomorrow :D

Nothing's really new other than the previously mentioned. I have 6 days left of work. I'm gonna miss GU but I know I'll be back, so it's ok. Lol, John loves me too much not to rehire me every 6 months haha.

So uh, November needs to get here asap. I need my duckie :[ and November is the only way that will bring him closer to PA, so yes, hurry up November D<

Tis all for now. 
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Monday, July 27th, 2009

Subject:Summer '09 almost over :\
Time:2:12 am.
Mood: tired.
So I'm kind of in disbelief that my third year of college is about to begin in 3 weeks. I can't wait to get out of this house and back to A-town. But at the same time, I know I'm going to miss home when I've been there for a while. It's funny how those things work, huh? I think I just miss the freedom and friends and responsibility and fun. Lol, the grand mix of the beginning of adulthood.

I'm pretty certain I just had the best summer of my life. It's good to be back in PA,  but my heart is still a thousand miiles south of here. I'm completely in love with this boy, you see. This boy makes me feel like no other. And even though he'll most likely fail to see this post as a result from never being on livejournal, he means more to me than he knows. I can't wait to be with him everyday, there's nothing I want more at this point.

I got to chill with two of my best friends today. One of em's changing and I can see it, and I'm afraid of it, but I don't really know what to do about it. Either way, we had a lot of fun today and talked about stuff.

Meep, I'm tired, I shall post more later journal.
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Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Time:5:52 pm.
Hola journal,

Spring break was exponentially amazing. I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos islands.... ooooh my goodness. That was one of my most desired places to go, especially majoring in Conservation Biology. I got to swim with sharks and penguins, and see blue footed boobies and sea lions and iguanas and giant tortoises :]]]]] Lonesome George is a pimp. We also climbed the country's tallest volcano in Ecuador (+10,000 feet above sea level). You get out of breath fast lol.

So sophomore year is pretty spiffy I suppose. This semester's not as completely chaotic as last semester, but it's still hard as tits. Cell and Molecular is whoopin my butt, and Biostats is alright. Sooooo I went to Scranton University yesterday to see my Megs. It's funny how no matter how long you go without seeing someone, your friendship never changes. That's what makes her my best friend :]
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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Time:10:26 pm.
So I saw Gran Torino today, the new movie with Clint Eastwood. IT WAS AMAZING! I've concluded that Clint is a G.

I go back to Allentown on Friday, I can't wait. I'll be staying at Angelo's house Friday night and Saturday we're going ice skating and then to his brothers' wrestling show in Jersey. It's gonna be awesommmmeeeee. Watching them fight is so kool, and this week theyre gonna be fighting each other. Extra kool. Then Sunday I move in back to Cedar Crest. I can't wait for that too. I miss my wife <3 Maira.

Mmm thats it for now me thinks..
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Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Subject:The grocery code for rutabaga is 4747 :D
Time:10:06 pm.

I'm pretty excited about that. So I'm back at home now. Move out day was fun. Especially the cleaning leading up to move out day. I cleaned out under our bunk beds and I found stuff under there that we thought was lost forever. I even found a moldy rutabaga. Yum :D 

So. I gotta go to Grand Union tomorrow and fill out papers so I can become their slave and work again. Gonna hit up Walmart and the school with my Sara. And I gotta take care of my neighbors cats. The one stray had a kitten and it's sooo itty bitty and cute. And orange :]

Mmm, that's it. Bye Chip :D Since you're the only one who ever actually reads
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Friday, March 7th, 2008

Subject:Spring Break
Time:3:52 pm.

So Spring Break is almost over. I don't mind going back tho. I miss school. I've been contemplating a lot about things lately, lol, which I'm not going into depth on here, even though I only know of one person who actually reads these, lol. But yeah. So today is Friday. Fridays are wonderful. I'm going to go to Grand Union in a bit to see my friend Aaron who I havent seen in forever and a day. And fill out paperwork of course so I can work again in May. Gotta work. Then go to Florida. And have buttloads of fun. This is the what, 5th year I'm going? I'm starting to lose track, lol. I'm definitely moving there one day. It's odd, I get homesick from a place that's not even my home. I guess it can be like a 2nd home. Alright, Im out.

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Monday, February 25th, 2008

Subject:Random Post
Time:5:18 pm.
Hmm. Well it's February 25th, and second semester is going pretty quick. There's so much stuff to do all the time  now. I'm pretty excited about my freshman bio research. It's on Cryptococcus neoformans. Haha, in case you didn't know, which you probably don't, thats a yeast. Which grows in pigeon poo. Pretty exciting, yeah, I know, haha. We already got the dates of our finals. I'm going home at 11:01 on May 7th haha. Today was payday. Well, it was supposed to be on Friday, but due to the weather, everything was closed, so we got paid today. I fed my car some yummy gas. Made it happy. Had a chem exam today. I think I did pretty well. I didn't want to jab my eyes out after taking it, so I guess that's a good sign, lol.  

Cannot wait til spring break! I go home this Friday, and I'm home with my kitty for a good 10 daysish. I just gotta survive the week haha. Well I'm out.
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Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Time:12:21 am.
Hmm, second semester of college started last monday. One down, 7+ more to go, lol. The only new classes I've got are Writing and Anthro. Chem is gonna suck worse balls than  before, and bio is way easier. AND IM DONE WITH CALC!!!! Thats the best part. Move in day was oh so much fun. I loved carrying everything up 4 flights of stairs. That was definitely my favorite part  haha.

Went skating with Maira, Angel, Laura, Damaris, Q, Amanda, Chris, and his brother last night. Then went to HamFam, and came back here and chilled. I ended up going to bed at like 5am. Laura and I duct taped a black sheet to the window to keep the light out. That was intuitive, haha. 

I saw the movie American HistoryX tonight. That was pretty intense. He got assraped and needed 6 stitches. It was a damn good movie though. Edward Norton was pretty jacked in that movie as well. Nothin' else is new. Blah.
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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Subject:Wooo college
Time:6:30 pm.
 Ah, so the first week and a half of college is over and done with. Chem and Calc have the most work. Ugh... I'm actually sitting at work right now. My job? It's the most bull shit job in the world, I love it. I'm a receptionist in my residence hall, and I'm allowed to bring my laptop, my homework, and my friends even, and just sit here and do nothing and get paid for it. It's wonderful. Other than that not much is new. I love my roommate, she's awesome. Eh, I'm gonna go, my workshift is over!
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Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Subject:Cocoa Beach bitches!!!!
Time:9:03 pm.
Mood: hawt.

Ahh, Cocoa is amazing. Warm waters, beautiful beaches, and koolio sea shells. Kennedy Space Center was interesting. I learned how to play an interesting new version of solitaire. I won it twice without cheating :D 

We saw the new Harry Potter that came out on the 11th. It was good, Harry got hot. And our resort has a theater and they play movies for free, so we've seen Snakes on a Plane, Blood Diamond, Slither, and Click tomorrow.  

I really dont feel like elaborating on my time here, maybe when I have the effort to. :]


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Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Subject:Wooo Florida
Time:10:14 pm.
Aye, today is the 24th, and I'm back into the groove of things here. We had church this morning, and I got a bit confused. In Bible Study, which comes before service, it's the teens thing, we were talking about evolution. Christians apparently don't believe in evolution, because of Adam and Eve. They were actually like, "duh, why would someone believe that, that's an oxymoron." And I'm like, "I believe in evolution. I believe in both." I mean, isn't it possible for both to exist? Couldn't Adam and Eve have BEEN those monkeys that evolved into what we are today??

But anywho, my Ipod is fried. But it's all good, I was planning on gettin' a new one before college anyways. It fizzed out finally. I'm still keeping up with It. I'm on page 3 hundred something. And a weird thing related to Cocoa: there were hundreds and hundreds of dead migrating sea birds that keeled over on Cocoa Beach and no one knew why, like a few days ago. It turned out that they were migrating up north, and didnt intake enough food, and died of starvation. But hundreds of birds? It was a kool sight on the news. 

My aunt and I go shopping a lot, because since she had her surgery, she only works like 2 days a week. Like Tuesday we're going to a lady from church named Sandy's house and she's got a pool bigger than Gary's and a lot of food. Yum. Then Wednesday Marge and I are going to Daytona. Sun burn here I come. 

So did anyone up north here about the nine month pregnant lady who went missing? And they just found her body and now they think her husband whose a cop killed her? Messed up stuff. Oh, and the lady who had two abused kids and the daughter buried her mother in the back yard after she killed her?   

Ah, I'm gonna go eat my left over linguine. 
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